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​Flood Prevention Tips and Resources

Melted snow and extreme weather events, such as torrential rain, are among the main causes of spring flooding. For many of us, having our home or business flood in the current covid-19 environment would be a disastrous additional financial and emotional burden.

As your trusted insurance experts, we play an important role in helping you select the right insurance product for you. We can also help you reduce the risk of a flood occurring or mitigate its impact by offering some tips and advice to prevent a water-related loss.

At a time where there are so many unknowns, here are a few easy ways you can take control of protecting your own home or business –

• Remove debris from nearby public storm drains,

• Clean out eaves troughs,

• Regularly maintain all plumbing, fixtures and appliances,

• Test your sump pump, including the backup battery,

• Install and/or clean out your backwater valve,

• Install window well covers,

• Extend downspouts and sump discharge pipes at least 2m/6ft from foundation,

• Store valuables and hazardous materials in watertight containers or remove from basement,

• Remove obstructions to basement floor drain,

• Install and maintain flood alarms,

• Correct grading to direct water at least 2m/6ft away from foundation

• Check your coverage and limits for interior plumbing water damage, sewer back up, surface/ground water and flooding,

• Make sure your roof is in good condition and that shingles are secure.

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