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Boyfriend of fatal accident victim creates Facebook page that warns against texting while driving

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Extremely sad and unfortunately true -

The boyfriend of a woman who died in a fatal car accident has created a Facebook page warning of the dangers of texting while driving.

Mathieu Fortin created a Facebook page in homage to his girlfriend, Emy Brochu, who died when her car hit the back of a tractor-trailer in merging traffic near Victoriaville, Quebec.

Fortin said the police investigation indicated the possibility of distraction, such as cell phone use, being a reason for the accident. "[Translation from French:] This conclusion came as a shock, since during the tragedy, I was in a discussion with her by text," Fortin wrote on the page in honour of Brochu.

The Facebook page shows the final text exchange between the two, which ended with Brochu sending Fortin the message "XxxxxxxxxxxX," indicating kisses.

An hour and a half later, Fortin sends Brochu a series of unreturned text messages, which end with him expressing worry. The exchange appears in full on the Facebook page.

"At what point could a text message or an email be more urgent than Life?" Fortin writes, upon recounting how he felt when he found out what happened.


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