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Brokers = Expert advice you can trust

As a consumer you have the right to unbiased and expert advice. Entrust your insurance with an insurance broker and you deal with a licensed professional whose first legal duty and obligation is to you, the customer, not the insurer your policy is arranged with. We work for you, not the insurance company.

Our mission is first to identify then discuss the various risks and exposures that can cause you loss or financial harm. Many people are not aware of the property or lawsuit risks they face on a daily basis. The risks that are insurable are then addressed through the appropriate coverage recommendations and the most suitable course of action and policy is decided upon. When a claim occurs we understand the stress and confusion that often follows and strive to assist and make sure you are treated fairly by the insurance company if your claim is challenged.

Never think twice about contacting us to seek professional unbiased advice if you are involved in even a minor accident. We are not the insurance company. As your broker, we can advise you of the repercussion of moving forward with a claim. In situations where you are obligated to report a claim – specifically when there are injuries or significant property damage involved – you can count on us to guide you through the claims process.

If you're not sure call or drop us an email and ask. We are insurance experts, so you don't have to be and...we're on your side

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