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Business changes are happening at Guthrie Insurance

With growing interest in "online do it yourself service" , especially from millennials who love using their "smart phones", we have embarked on a new venture and website called "INSUREPLUS" – Great Coverage. Great Rates PLUS Fast, friendly and expert advice only from Professional Brokers. Although most insurers are not quite ready to do all of their business in an online world we are gearing up for this eventuality and to be able to offer our clients the best of both self-serve "DIY" or our traditional full service "Do It For You" model.

Along with online automobile and home insurance rates, similar to our existing website, it will be a resource for "STPs" i.e. short term or single term policies such as for weddings and special events, classic or collector cars, and some commercial insurances.

Please stay tuned for more information in coming months –

Talk to the RIBO licensed and bonded professionals at Insureplus by Guthrie Insurance today!