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Machinery, it's wonderful to shut it all off and enjoy the simpler things in life...But, there's little to enjoy whenyour buildings' crucial systems such as boilers, air-conditioning, elevators and electrical equipment break down!

A preventative maintenance program is your best bet to help combat equipment breakdown. Start with Dominion of Canadas Preventative Maintenance Program found here - stop a problem before it escalates, saving you time and money.

Some key Equipment Failure Facts -

  • Most equipment failure is the result of human error. Have processes and procedures in place that help to ensure the correct use of equipment.
  • Trust your eyes and ears. Keep an eye open for an irregularities with machinery and listen for noises that don't sound right. If you detect something, call a licensed professional to have a look.
  • For equipment new and old, be sure to check with the manufacturer for their recommendations regarding the type and frequency of maintenance.
  • In addition to your annual checkup, make sure to get a service contract so you receive prompt emergency service for key equipment such as air conditioning.

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