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Canadian roads no safer today than they were five years ago: CAA poll

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Nine out of 10 Canadians feel no safer on the roads today than they did five years ago, according to a poll conducted for the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA).

Foryy-five per cent of 5,076 Canadians polled reported feeling less safe when they get behind the wheel than they did five years ago. Another 43% said they feel neither more nor less safe, while only 9% reported feeling safer.

The poll points to driver behaviour as a major contributor to this finding. Seventy per cent said they believe Canadians don't drive as safely as they used to.

The poll also asked Canadians to rank their biggest road safety concerns. For the second year in a row, texting while driving came first (83%).

This concern was followed by, in order: people driving after drinking alcohol (82%), driving aggressively (63%), talking on cell phones (62%), driving when they're too sleepy (58%) and driving well over the speed limit (52%).

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