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With Cold Weather Approaching Important Home Insurance Reminder

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The Johnson's returned home from their glorious week away in the sun. When they opened the front door they were shocked and bewildered to be greeted by chilling cold, the sound of gushing water, and an overwhelming stench coming from inside. They quickly realized the furnace was off, pipes had frozen, then burst, and water had been running through the house for several days.

Sleepless nights later, and with substantial repair estimates, their nightmare had just begun. They were were advised by their insurer there would be no compensation under their home insurance. Very important conditions and requirements, intended to prevent this situation, had not been met. Could this have been you?

With the cold months soon upon us, we would like to remind all property owners (including rentals) and tenants, if your premises is going to be unoccupied for any length of time (typically 96 hours), remember to shut off your water (at the main) and drain the pipes OR arrange for a competent person to enter the premises daily to ensure the heating system stays on. Failing to take these very simple steps can result in very serious water/freezing losses, a denied claim and severe financial consequences.

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