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Community concerns via letter to local police and mayor

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Greetings to the fine men & women at DRPS. I started doing your survey then realized I have no issues with regards to crime, safety, and most of the issues addressed therein. As a long-time Pickering (Ontario) resident and one of the "silent majority", I feel you are doing a commendable job for the most part.

Having said this, I would like to point out two areas I think need serious improvement, neither of which were mentioned on the survey litter and dogs (of which we are also owners). Instead of having an officer sitting in their cruiser watching for some hapless motorist "rolling" through the plethora of stop signs (an absolute over-abundance) or some otherwise conscientious motorist doing 58 in a 50 zone, both of which are just a fact of life these days, I think more effort needs to be spent in these two areas. Just look around at the litter/garbage strewn calously around and in evidence everywhere. I can't tell you how many times I have seen kids drop their refuse, motorists dump their lunch bags (visit any shopping centre parking lot), and dog-owners either leave their dogs mess or having picked it up, toss the bag on the grass. It is absolutely disgusting. I wonder if your priorities are in the right place?

I would be most interested in knowing how many fines have been handed out for littering/dog fines over the past few years in contrast to the number of motor vehicle infractions. Certainly, HTA tickets are the "low lying fruit" i.e. easy pickings, but aside from a tax grab and intense aggravation to a motorist with a momentary loss of attention, what really is the impact on our society of minor HTA violations? Will getting a $100 ticket really prevent a motorist from ever speeding again, especially with the already low speed limits posted. Is there not a tremendous potential tax revenue in fining those that use our public areas as their personal garbage disposal?

On the subject of stop signs, does there really need to be so many especially considering the harm to the environment caused by cars constantly stopping/starting, the excess of gas, and the loss of time? Would a yield sign not serve a better purpose? Roundabouts? The number of times I need to stop (and needlessly as rarely any traffic to justify) just for a short trip in our neighbourhood is really pointless. Thanks for listening and a reply would be appreciated.

Ryan Guthrie

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