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Initial Covid-19 Insurance Situation

Over the past 6 weeks or so, there has been considerable insurance information in the news over concerning the covid-19 crises. Most have heard local news announce that Canada's insurers are reviewing options for premium relief, for qualifying customers struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We're aware of this developing COVID-19 situation, and the potential impact to all of our clients.

While there's no across-the-board rate reduction in the industry, some insurers have come out with details of their own programs. Many other insurers are expected to develop similar strategies in coming days. We will continue to monitor the situation, obtain information, ask questions and communicate relevant information to you individually or via E-News as specific plans develop.

One of the main challenges faced by all insurers is ensuring adequate funding for future losses. Claims may or may not decrease in the future and premium income is necessary to prepare and pay these future losses. If insurers do not get this right, and are faced with future catastrophes, such as summer hurricanes and flooding, or winter ice storms, it will end up in financial catastrophe and the inability to pay these massive claims.

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