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Managing Ontario Auto Insurance During Covid-19

Suggestions for managing Ontario Auto Insurance premiums

As more people get used to staying at home in support of physical distancing, there may be some premium-saving strategies available. Especially so if there have been significant changes in your driving habits. Lowering premiums and monthly costs is on the mind of everyone and we are here to help.

Here are some options to consider:

-Take advantage of premium reductions from changing vehicle use. Not commuting? Have us change it to pleasure or low-mileage use only.

-If you have two cars and only using one, consider removing the "driving" coverages from the vehicle stored away. Just remember to make absolutely sure it is not operated until coverage has been restored!

-If you only have one car but will not be using it and it is temporarily stored, ask us about the "OEF16" endorsement option. This is similar to removing the "driving coverages" however, it maintains comprehensive coverage and provides certain medical/accident benefit and liability protection that may be necessary even as an occupant in another vehicle or as a pedestrian e.g. injured by hit/run driver while at a crosswalk.

Given the nature of our uncertain future, please make sure sufficient time is allowed to reactivate coverage well in advance of the end of this crises. It is expected that once things begin to turn around and people start driving we will encounter a surge of requests to add coverage and change vehicle use back. Please consider this and allow sufficient time for this possibility.

As more information important to our clients on Ontario Auto Insurance becomes available we will endeavor to keep you up to date.In the meantime, we hope you, your families and your businesses remain as safe, healthy and financial stable as is possible during this crisis.

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