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Do You Really Want Everyone Knowing You Are Not Home Or Alone?

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"We're heading out for cocktails with the neighbours. Anyone wanna join?"

"Hey gang, we're looking forward to Disney with the family. Leaving tonight. Will be thinking about everyone and will send pics. See you in two weeks"

"Check out these fantastic whale pics off the coast of Alaska. Having a great time. Home Saturday!"

"Parents are out, finally get the house to myself…lol. Time to chill and watch a great movie" (egad!)

"Stuck in snowstorm at the airport, can't wait to get home"

How many of us have come across posts like this on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter or other social sites? With the increasing popularity of online social networking there is often a desire to share personal itineraries with family and friends. With mobile devices it is made even easier and combined with alcohol and in a social atmosphere, unintended information can easily slip out. With many people having hundreds of friends, who in turn may have hundreds of friends, does anyone really know where this information may end up?

With new and constantly evolving technology we always need to be aware of the associated risks and take care to balance paranoia with good judgment. As we become complacent with the ease of sharing this information, the risks involved may not be evident or get overlooked and the concern is this practice may be an open invitation to burglaries, home invasions, or worse.

We have heard there are even websites designed for the criminal element where the primary function is to post the names and addresses of people who have made it known when they will not be home. Diabolical! Who would have thought? An invitation to disaster!

Please, whether you are posting from your mobile, your home, or even your store or office, take care and avoid sharing personal details or your whereabouts. Even if your site does not contain your address, it may still be possible for the criminal element to piece it together from other sources.

Also, do make sure your privacy settings are properly established. Finally, for the sake of our children's safety, do make sure they are properly guided and monitored in the use of proper social networking practices as well.

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