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Driving Tips for a Safe Holiday Season

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Tips for a safe holiday season on the roads

This holiday season, Guthrie Insurance and the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is providing Ontarians with some safe driving tips.

"IBC wants to help make sure everyone's holiday season is fun and safe," said Ralph Palumbo, Vice-President, Ontario, IBC. "Being prepared for winter roads and paying extra attention during this festive time of year could help ensure the safety of you and everyone on the road."

Guthrie Insurance & IBC tips for a safe holiday season on the roads:

Attending a festive holiday party? Don't drink and drive. Does anyone really need to be reminded of this? Yes, a taxi can be expensive but a fraction of the cost and repercussions of drinking and driving.

Have a cold or are otherwise on medications? If there is any possibility of drowsiness, the affects can be the same as drinking and driving. Please don't drive.

Last-minute holiday shopping? Leave presents and parcels out of sight in your car.

Dreaming of sugar plums behind the wheel? Distractions come in many forms. Avoid them.

The holidays can be tiring! Be sure you are well rested. If you are tired, pull off the road to a safe spot and nap.

Bringing cheer to relatives? Be extra careful when you drive at night.

Inclement weather is now here for the next several months. Allow more time to get just about anywhere and take a minute to give yourself and your family a "weather driving check" to "shake away" your summer driving habits.

Love a warm car? Never leave it unattended to heat up. Leaving it running while you dash into a store is a temptation to some and has resulted in many avoidable tragedies.

Reindeer running about? Know what to do when you see an animal on or near the road. Especially with slippery conditions an unexpected animal could cause you to lose control. Stay attentive and be prepared.

Tune up your sleigh. Make sure your vehicle is tuned up and ready for winter's worst.

Safety first. Follow the regulations and ensure proper use of seat belts, child car seats, and booster seats at all times.

Sure, it's cold but you need to take a few extra minutes to clear your vehicle of snow and ice and please don't leave it piled on your roof possibly to cause injury to a vehicle behind you.

Your vehicle's air-conditioning is important in cold weather as well. Generally it turns on with the heater when it is set to defrost to help keep your windows clear. If your AC is not working or you are just blowing warm air on the windows, they are more likely to fog up.

It is always a good idea, and more so in the cold weather, to keep an emergency kit in the car at all times.

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