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Dumbest insurance criminals

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Canada's property and casualty insurers are sponsoring a radio contest in which the audience votes online for the dumbest insurance fraud criminal. Which one of the following fraudsters gets your vote…?

Game of inchesA boat owner reports to his insurance company that his watercraft has gone missing. The insured said his 21-foot boat was stolen from his locked garage.
An adjuster showed up to the house for an interview with a tape measure. The garage is only 18 feet long. Hmmm...
Claim denied.
The toothpick manouevreAn insurance company pays out $22,000 to a bike owner who lost his teeth and had his nose bloodied after being hit by a car.
A bloody toothpick poked a hole in the insured's story.
It turns out the insured stuck the toothpick up his nose to make his nose bleed. Then he got his girlfriend to hit him with the car a few times, knocking out his teeth. His lawyer argued in court that the missing teeth proved that not all of his injuries were fake.
Needless to say, the cyclist lost his case.
The show must go onHow did a struggling rock band make it rich? Not because of their music.
The band staged an accident in an underground parking garage, and then made a claim for pain and suffering. They collected more than $150,000 with a paralegal acting on their behalf.
Only they didn't cancel any tours as a result of their injuries. In fact, the insurance company happened to notice they were being billed for physiotherapy services in Toronto at the very same time the band was playing a concert out of town.
Insurers pulled the plug on the act and laid charges.
Crash, bleed, repeatA merry band of bad drivers all drove the same lousy rental cars.
They all just so happened to crash at the same time of the day, on the same day of the week.
Even the plotline was the same for each crash. One car with two occupants would crash into a car with three or four occupants.
They all went to the same paralegals for legal advice, and to the same clinics for treatment. They even all went to the same insurers to make their claims.
And sure enough, in tandem, the insurers rejected their claims.
Billing InquiryThe driveway is empty, and the car is gone! The car owner calls his insurance company to make a claim.
But it turns out the claimant left out some important details in the application. The owner was behind in making the car payments, which drew the attention of the repo man. Is a repossessed car 'stolen,' strictly speaking?
Claim denied.

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