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Here are 10 Personal Safety Tips we have recently come across -

1. If you car key has an alarm button and it is parked within range of your bedroom, keep you keys within reach at night. Pressing the button should activate the alarm and potentially prevent a robbery or home invasion by scaring away criminals, alerting neighbours and helping police to more quickly find your home.

2. If you use a GPS, never use your actual home address. Electronic devices tend to be a target for thieves and your unit or car was stolen, it could point criminals directly to your home. Instead, use an address nearby (and keep paper address documentation in your locked glovebox).

3. Use remote "wipe" or delete capabilities on your smartphone. If stolen, you can erase the contents. Always best to make sure smartphones are properly synced with another computer to back up this data. Having to re-enter years of data manually is not pleasant.

4. Watch what you share on social media about your location or absences, especially announcing that you are going away for a few weeks. Why not share when you get back?

5. Keep prescription medications carefully secured and safe away from your family, visitors, their children or criminals.

6. Never address unexpected calls from your bank, credit card company or other financial institution or divulge any personal information. Call back only using the authentic numbers you know or that might be printed on the credit card.

7. Be wary about cameras. Consider even Google Glass, they are everywhere these days. Carefully cover your pin or combination when entering it at an ATM or elsewhere. Always give the ATM a "once over" to make sure it hasn't been tampered with "skimming technology" or added-on cameras.

8. Carefully evaluate home and hotel room door safety. Do not rely on chain locks. Consider dead bolts, door guards, peep holes, video/intercom, and patio door bars. While traveling consider one of the new travel locks or even an inexpensive door stop to keep the door wedged closed.

9. Use extreme caution with candles. Do not use a candle for light during a power failure caused by high winds such as a hurricane until the weather has passed. If winds broke a window the flame could easily spread causing much more damage than the broken window.

10. Have your keys in hand and at the ready when walking in a parking lot. Reduces time to access your car and chance of an attack and key might be used as a weapon.

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