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Important Announcement - Ride-Sharing Insurance Coverage Has Arrived!

We are most pleased to announce insurance coverage is now available for drivers who use their own vehicles to carry paying passengers. This is available for drivers who spend up to 20 hours per week participating in ride-sharing arrangements.

Aviva Insurance is committed to evolving insurance solutions to respond to changing consumer needs and is the first insurer to offer this important protection. Our solution provides drivers and passengers with absolute peace of mind that they have insurance coverage while ride-sharing from the moment the driver and passenger have been matched through an online platform to the moment the passenger is transported to their destination

How the coverage works

It's a simple coverage option to an Aviva personal automobile policy in the form of the Transportation Network endorsement (NPCF 6TN - Permission to Carry Paying Passengers for a Transportation Network). This endorsement transfers the risk from the part-time driver to Aviva, allowing drivers to carry paying passengers when under contract for a transportation network company.

Note: It will likely take many weeks or months before all, or at least the majority, of these drivers have their insurance in place. In the absence of any regulations or legislation, it is highly recommended that you ask for proof that this coverage extension has been added to their policy. They should carry a copy. It's not fool proof. Insurance can be canceled and they would still retain the paperwork but it's better than not asking or assuming.

As expected, premium rates vary by geographical area (lower in areas with less congestion and fewer claims) and by driving experience. If you would like further information or a quote for your vehicle please call us @ 416-487-5200 or 1-888-310-SAVE, or drop us an email to

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