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Important Cold Weather Reminders

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Summer is now well "in our review mirror" and winter is just around the corner…are you and your home ready? Here are a few timely points to consider as we head into the cold season.

  • If you will be leaving your home for even a day or two it is a good idea (and a policy requirement if over 96 hours) to shut off the water supply and drain your pipes OR have someone check your home daily to make sure the heating is being maintained.
  • Now is a good time to give your roof a final check and arrange for any necessary repairs. Doing so when the winter wind is howling and it's covered in snow can be both costly and difficult.
  • Ice and snow build-up on your roof can result in seepage, cracking of walls and even collapse of your roof (especially cottages). Carefully check that your attic ventilation is sufficient, that your ceilings are properly insulated and your eavestroughs are free of leaves and debris.
  • Beat the rush and arrange for early cleaning and servicing of your furnace, flues and chimneys (especially if you have a woodstove!).
  • Take stock of your ice salt and check your snow shovels or snow blower. Do remember that it is your responsibility to keep your sidewalks, driveways and steps free of ice and snow. It may help avoid serious injury from a nasty slip or fall and a subsequent costly lawsuit.
  • For car owners now would be a good time to check and install snow tires, replace your windshield wipers, prepare an emergency kit, stock up on supplies of windshield fluid and prepare your car (and yourself) for the annual challenge of fall and winter driving.
  • Hopefully this is now routine and done on a regular basis, and do remember to check your CO (carbon monoxide) detectors and smoke detectors. Batteries should be changed at least every 6 months whether "needed" or not.
  • Reminder to turn off and drain your outdoor faucets.
  • Might as well clean out the lint from your dryer duct while you are doing everything else.
  • Please remember to exercise extreme caution when using candles, especially if children nearby. Keep them away from curtains, clothing, or anything else flammable, and never leave unattended. Consider using the newer "LED" style that only uses a small battery.
  • This time of year also sees the increased use of extension cords for holiday lights, decorations, and electric heaters. Do make sure they are all carefully checked over, are in good condition, and each circuit is properly fused.
  • Review your home fire safety plan.

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