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Insurance that’s fits your life. Protect your jewellery, collectibles and other unique or high value items

Some of us have high value items that are easily lost, damaged or are targets for thieves. As coverage limits vary with each insurance company, personal items like cameras, musical instruments, bicycles, computers & software, furs and jewellery may not be adequately insured under your home policy.

If you own items that exceed your home policy's limit, consider purchasing a specialized "personal articles floater" coverage. You will get much broader "all risk protection" (very few limitations), proper coverage, and the choice of a deductible or not. Make a list of your high value items, then call us to make sure you're covered. A Personal Articles Floater may be your best protection option. Getting started is easy – one call and, depending on the value, an original bill of sale or a current appraisal may be all it takes.

As your life changes, so do your insurance needs. Remember, we're here to make sure your coverage fits yours needs.

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