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Internet Scams

Now living with covid-19 more of us are working from home and becoming even more reliant on internet connectivity. This is unfortunately when the internet also seems to be "exploding" with fraud – phishing scams. Especially those taking advantage of our COVID-19 situation are particularly vicious and seek to take advantage of people when they are most vulnerable. There are just too many to list, from "Netflix" account warnings, to Canada Revenue Services to Costco surveys and even your bank! Do not get enticed by these emails! If you accidentally do open it, do not click on any attachments or follow any instructions, do not even respond. Delete it immediately. The senders email can even be checked to verify the fraudulent nature. It is often disguised under something like "" or similar fraudulent phrasing.

Do not get tempted to open these fraudulent emails and exercise utmost caution!

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