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Introducing DASliving Legal Expense Insurance. Your access to justice. A welcome solution to the unf

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You may think you'll never end up dealing with a legal dispute. But, the definition of "legal dispute" may be broader than you think. What if:

  • You were discriminated against in the workplace, or wrongfully dismissed?
  • Your newly renovated kitchen cabinets are a showcase of shoddy workmanship?
  • You and your neighbour can't agree on the fence line?
  • You purchased a faulty home stereo system, and no one returns your calls?
  • Your vacation in paradise was a total disaster?

For as little as $360 annually, the DASlivingLegal Expense Insurance Protection & Advice policy is your assurance that you're only one phone call away from legal advice, assistance and cost coverage if you're facing one of society's most common legal problems.

As part of your policy, you have unlimited access to the Legal Advice Helpline to discuss any personal legal matter (including tax advice) from 8am until midnight, seven days a week. Dealing with an emergency situation? No worries: help is available 24 hours a day if you need it. Your policy covers:

  • Employment disputes;
  • Contract disputes;
  • Property protection;
  • Bodily injury;
  • Tax protection;
  • Employee legal defence; and,
  • Court attendance expenses.

We like to think that unlawful employment dismissals, vacation catastrophes, and home renovation disasters will never happen to us. Yet individuals, families and businesses frequently find themselves tackling costly and time-consuming legal disputes such as these every day – whether they win or lose! Seeking professional advice is critical, yet the high costs of consulting lawyers or seeking advice can make you decide against pursuing or defending your legal rights. In today's world it is critical we understand our rights and have uncomplicated, reasonably priced access to the legal system when we need it.

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