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Introducing Legal Expense Insurance for business. A welcome solution to the unforeseen costs of lega

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Wouldn't it be great if operating your business was as straightforward as providing the best product or service, and striving to exceed your customers' expectations?

But it's not. Canadian businesses of all sizes are faced with the overwhelming task of keeping up with legislation changes. And that's not all: there are disputes with employees, tax investigations, health and safety concerns…the list goes on.

Certainly we appreciate the importance of protecting ourselves with home, automobile, business, and life insurance. Have you ever considered the financial consequences of an unforeseen business legal dispute? The cost of dealing with these issues (not to mention the time involved) add up fast. Combine that with the financial risk and uncertain outcome of pursuing or defending your legal rights, and it's no wonder that many business owners decide against legal action.

That is, if they don't have the confidence and security that comes with a DASbusinessLegal Expense Insurance Protection & Advice policy – one designed to protect businesses against the cost of potential business legal disputes.

This policy guarantees business owners access to legal guidance, representation and cost coverage. What's more, policyholders can also simply pick up the phone to access the Legal Advice Helpline on any business-related legal matter (including tax advice) from 8am until midnight, seven days a week. It's an emergency? We've got you covered; we're here 24 hours a day if you need us.

With DASbusiness you get very economical protection for businesses against the cost of potential legal disputes; the policy includes;

  • Employment disputes;
  • Legal defence;
  • Statutory license protection;
  • Property protection;
  • Bodily injury; and,
  • Tax protection;
  • Court attendance expenses; and,
  • Telephone legal advice.
  • You can also add contract disputes and debt recovery coverage.

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