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Keeping Valuables Safe at Home

Jewellery? Coin or stamp collections? Sports cards? Negatives or portable hard drives with generations of family photos? Where to safely store these things at home? Certainly a bank safe deposit box might work but the additional cost involved along with only having access during bank hours is a nuisance. A large burglar and fire resistant safe professionally installed is also a great option but comes with a hefty price tag.

Here are a few ideas shared over the years from our clients which may help reduce or eliminate the chance of losing your valuables in the event of a break-in or fire. First, wherever you end up hiding or storing your valuables, make sure you remember where. These days this can be made easier and safer than writing it out on a note pad by using your smart phone. Take a picture of the storage area or add a unique contact, reminder or note disguised with a name only you know (in case your phone gets stolen) and describe where you have hidden it. This can be then shared with trusted family members...just in case. Without this, it may be tough to remember (or your family to know) where you hid everything. As with all of your data, make sure it's backed up - another PC, device or in the "cloud".

Select good hiding places i.e. not your top drawer or where you keep your socks or undies. Thieves tend to look in these places first. Every home has a least a few "nooks and crannies" where the likelihood of finding something is remote. We have heard of some folks wrapping valuables in foil, then plastic bags and putting in their freezer. The nice thing about using a freezer is that it can also preserve your property longer in the event of a fire.

Speaking of fire, wherever you end up storing these valuables, it is highly recommended that you use a fire safe. Most of these are inexpensive and portable and still easy to hide, which will help preserve your valuables in the event of a major loss.

Thanks to BB for suggesting this article.

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