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Older Canadians fare better than younger drivers on winter roads: TD Insurance poll

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Canadians aged 55 or over are not only more confident winter drivers (27% versus 17% of Canadians aged 18-34), they are also more knowledgeable on how to stay safe on the roads, according to the TD Insurance Winter Driving Poll. "With age comes wisdom, so it's no surprise older Canadians fare better on winter roads," TD notes.

  • According to the poll of 2,008 randomly selected Canadian adults, more 55+ drivers knew that:
  • If your vehicle breaks down you should run the motor for shorter periods of time instead of leaving it running if stranded (87% versus 66% of younger Canadians).
  • Keeping your gas tank at least half-full will add weight and traction to your vehicle (69% versus 49% of younger Canadians).
  • If your vehicle skids out of control on a slippery surface, you should steer in the same direction of the skid (57% versus 45% of younger Canadians).
  • Using cruise control in winter can be dangerous (70% versus 64% of younger Canadians).

One quarter of Canadians polled admitted they feel anxious, scared or even panicked when they're driving in winter. Thirty-six per said they only drive when they need to when the thermostat drops.

Attitudes toward winter driving often differ between genders. The poll revealed women are more likely than men to avoid driving in the winter (44% versus 29% of men) and to admit they feel anxious (26% versus 10% of men) when driving during snowy months.

However, both men and women say they feel more alert (49% and 54%, respectively) when driving in winter compared to the rest of the year.

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