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Ontario Automobile Insurance - Understanding Your Choices

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While none of us plans to be in a car accident, more than 200,000 accidents happen on Ontario roads each year, and many of the resulting expenses (as outlined below) are not covered by OHIP. The only way to make informed decisions about your car insurance coverage, is to understand the risks you're taking every time you put your key in the ignition

Understanding Your Automobile Choices In Ontario -

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Bearing in mind our REALITY CHECK, it's now time to consider your options. Accident Benefits Coverages, as outlined in the chart below, are benefits you may be eligible to receive if you are injured in a car accident. As you will see, several of the benefits have different coverage limits, depending on whether your injury is classified as either Minor or Catastrophic*; in such cases, the three levels of coverage are outlined in the chart below.Complete the chart and have a printed copy on hand when speaking to us about how these optional coverages would affect the cost of your insurance.

My Choices For Accident Benefits

*Minor and Catastrophic injuries are defined in regulations, available on the Financial Services Commission of Ontario's website at this link.

**If you are unemployed, a student, or over the age of 65, please ask your insurance broker for additional details about Income Replacement. You may be eligible for Non-Earner benefits (see TERMS TO UNDERSTAND, below) and/or your Income Replacement benefits may be calculated differently.

***The Combined Medical, Rehabilitation and Attendant Care benefit covers you to a maximum sum of $3,500 for Minor Injuries, $3,000,000 for Catastrophic Injuries, and $1,172,000 for all other injuries, for any one accident for an insured person.

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