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Pembridge Insurance Co turns 10 in 2010!

Global Administrator

Happy 10th Anniversary to Pembridge Insurance. On behalf of our clients and staff, it gives us considerable pride to be associated with such a fine insurance organization. To your continued success!

"Achieving a significant milestone such as this gives us the opportunity to reflect on where we have been and look ahead to where we want to go during the next ten years. When we launched Pembridge the industry was evolving at a rapid pace, and we identified an opportunity to succeed by offering standard and preferred personal property & casualty insurance products. I would like thank all of our broker partners for your support and commitment to Pembridge during our formative years. Devoting the time and resources to developing a strong relationship is essential to achieving mutual success.

We have spent considerable time and effort developing a roadmap for our company which has involved building, customizing and enhancing our products, rates, systems and processes. While this has been extremely important work, we have also directed significant resources to measuring and tracking our performance to accurately identify what is working well and areas that need improvement. In 2008 this culminated with you voting us first place in our annual Pollara survey. We are grateful for that expression of confidence in us and we will continue to measure our performance and strive to meet and exceed your needs."

Bob Tisdale, MBA, FCIP, CRM
President and Chief Operating Officer
Pembridge Insurance Company

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