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Personal Property Left In Vehicles Is An Invite To Thieves

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Based on a recent survey done in the UK, it seems that British motorists regularly leave up to 3.2 billion pounds' worth of belongings in their cars overnight. This according to research from Your Cover, a UK-based division of Allianz Insurance.

Your Cover polled 2,000 motorists and found 53% of motorists admitted they did not always lock their cars at night. The most common high value items left in unattended cars overnight include:

  • portable GPSs
  • MP3 players;
  • golf clubs;
  • mobile phones;
  • sun glasses;
  • cameras;
  • handbags;
  • wallets;
  • DVD players; and
  • jewellery.

What's that have to do with Canadians you ask? This article got us thinking. With our summer driving season now almost upon us (if it ever gets here!), we thought a timely reminder to take extra precautions for personal belongings in your vehicle, might save you much grief and expense.

There is still the occasional misconception that personal belongings left in your car or truck is insured under your automobile policy with one deductible. The reality is that your automobile policy only covers your vehicle – not contents inside.

The appropriate insurance to cover personal belongings left in your vehicle would be your home policy. Whether it is a tenants, condominium, or homeowners-type package, most policies provide coverage for personal property while left in your car, subject to the deductible of the home policy.

Too tired to put your golf clubs or camping gear away after a long day? Forgot your laptop on the back seat? Think your jewellery is safe while you go to the gym? Consider the costs and aggravation, sometimes involving different insurance companies, if your car is broken into, damaged (if it was locked), and everything stolen. First, your auto policy and the damage to your car, subject typically to a deductible of at least $500 and the aggravation of arranging for repairs. Then your home insurance with another deductible, often $500 +, and further aggravation. All for what are typically "minor" losses that could have been easily avoided.

Business-owners face similar risks with tools, equipment or inventory often left in their vehicles when unattended or overnight . This situation can get even more costly with an uninsured loss if the vehicle was left unlocked or there were no visible signs of forced entry, as is the usual requirement with commercial insurance policies.

Let's make it difficult for criminals and easier on ourselves by taking the necessary precautions and not leaving expensive property in our vehicles. Not only this summer but even with winter sports and activities, all year round!

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