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Political musings as we near Monday Election Day

Global Administrator

Certainly I am no politician or economic expert but as we prepare to go to the polls with the likelihood of more of the status quo in another minority Conservative government, I reflect back with dismay at all of the political rhetoric over the past weeks. Canadians seem to be far too easily swayed by promises of more "candy" for those with their hands out, instead of the "broccoli" necessary for building a solid foundation with minimal debt and deficits and a focus on the fundamentals.

Hands are out everywhere – students, schools, musicians, artists, hospitals, government employees, and a plethora of special interest groups waiting for the vote-buying rhetoric and promises of the Libs/NDPs to send more money their way. Reality check folks. Government spending can only come from (the already) stressed, hard-working, and over-taxed Canadians. Increase corporate taxes? Sure, Corporations only exist to make a profit right? That will either send more jobs off-shore or result in higher priced goods for consumers as the taxes are tagged back on to the price of their goods. More Government involvement in industry? Somehow I don't think that replacing Corporate profits with with the largess of self-serving government bureaucracy would be beneficial. Higher personal taxes? Just a 2% increase in personal taxes will rob the typical working person of at least another $1000 annually. Think this will affect charitable donations? Spending? Family budgets? When will people realize there is only so much money to go around and the easiest thing for Governments to do is spend "OPM"…other peoples money? Do you think they can deliver on billions more of spending and not increase taxes even more?

With our considerable debt and annual deficits, we would be in serious trouble if we ever had a major catastrophe (think Japan-style earthquake). Nothing left in the "emergency" account. With aging infrastructure (sewers, bridges, roads, etc.), an embarrassing military (what an uphill battle and outcry to replace our handful of 25 yr old CF fighter jets!), a declining health-care system, pension concerns, and many more vital areas, surely our mandate should be to get our "house in order" first!

Imagine running a household the way some politicians would run the country. Household income of $100,000 but living way beyond means with annual expenditures of $125,000 (deficit) and a $500,000 mortgage, $50,000 of auto loans, $10,000 credit card debt. A recipe for disaster. How long could a family sustain this kind of finances?

Personally, I don't "like" any of the politicians. But, when I go to the polls I will cast my vote for the party I think will deliver on the greatest good for all of us by creating an environment that will attract and encourage business, free enterprise and the arts (more jobs and bigger tax-base), make me proud to have a modern military to fulfill our obligation to us and the rest of the world, keep us secure by updating our antiquated and backlogged justice and penal system, properly fund our pension system, and keep my taxes internationally competitive and as reasonable as possible allowing me (not the government) to decide on what it is important and necessary to spend my hard-earned money on.

Politically correct? Probably not, but just my .02 worth. Ryan Guthrie.

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