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The Real Cost of Impaired Driving

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Driving Impaired?

Ever wonder what the costs really are for Ontario drivers if you get picked up for blowing over .08 (blood alcohol level)? Here is something to consider. These are real numbers based on a 45 yr old Toronto resident using an '09 Buick Allure for business –

  • Direct car insurance premium would go from about $1500 to as high as $10,000 + likely arranging with a new car (and home) insurance company at higher deductibles and resulting loss of homeowner discounts – for at least 3 years (and probably longer) = $30,000.
  • Legal expenses, conviction/jail time estimated at $15,000
  • Expenses of public transportation for at least one year – $1000
  • Loss of income (if you don't lose your job) – $ ?
  • Total = $46,000 +

If you have an "at fault" accident at the same time or during the same year –

  • Add another $4000 to that premium with it likely going to $12,000 for at least 3 years (typically longer)
  • Add another = $12,000 +

If there was an"at-fault" accident at the same time causing bodily injury and resulting in a lawsuit -

  • Depending on nature of injury – lawsuit could be $100,000 or several million AND, your insurance company will look to you, the convicted owner-driver for complete reimbursement i.e. "not insurable".
  • Total – $100,000., $1,000,000., or more !

Total cost to you? Coupled with long-term psychological, family and job costs – More than you could ever imagine!

Total cost to society? Same!

Please do not drink & drive – Ryan Guthrie

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