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Residential burglary activity heats up in the summer: Aviva Insurance

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Aviva Canada is warning consumers that residential burglaries spike in the summer months, when the warm weather tends to draw people away from the homes more frequently and for longer periods of time, leaving them vulnerable to thieves.

Aviva insurance claims data show residential burglaries spike in summer months with 13%, 20% and 31% higher frequencies in June, July and August, respectively, than in April, which shows the lowest occurrence of residential theft claims.

Data also indicates break-ins are more common at the start of the weekend. The number of Friday break-ins is 26% higher than Sunday, the day with the lowest incidence of break-ins.

Overall in Canada, burglaries are on the decline. Aviva claims data show a 42% decline in claims between 2003 and 2010.
Based on Aviva Canada data covering between 2005 and 2010, Quebec homeowners have the highest frequency of break-ins – two times that of the national average, an Aviva release says.

Atlantic Canada provinces, on the other hand, have the lowest frequency of burglary claims, at just over one-third of the national average.

Here are some tips to help reduce the chance of a theft or break-in -

  • Always leave your home looking occupied. Timers on lights, radio playing, mail and papers discontinued or arrangements made to pick up.
  • Keep windows, especially basement windows, free of bushes or obstructions that could keep an intruder hidden while gaining entrance.
  • Maximize security measures. Consider good dead-bolt locks, reinforced door frames, break-resistant coating on glass, bars, and a monitored alarm system.
  • Warning signs or stickers such as "Beware of Dog", placed in your front window might send a would-be burglar elsewhere.
  • Let your neighbours know you're away and not expecting any visitors or deliveries.

Knowing you have taken proper precautions and arranged the appropriate insurance, just in case, will hopefully allow you to relax in peace while away.


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