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From rustic cabin to cottage to seasonal home…Has your insurance coverage evolved too?

It wasn't so long ago that families enjoyed summer living at their rustic cabins and cottages. Wood frame dwellings with screen doors that usually didn't even keep the mosquitoes out.

Today when people plan a weekend or vacation at the family cottage, it is often a much different. Simple "get-away" locations have turned into second homes – fully winterized properties with modern kitchens, state-of-the-art appliances, big screen TV's with satellite dishes, hot tubs, and more. If this sounds familiar, you have to ask…"Has your insurance coverage kept pace with the increased replacement value of our property?" For many cottage owners, improvements, renovations and additions have taken place over several years. With each upgrade, has come new furniture, electronics, and other personal property. Now, with real estate inflation and material and rebuilding costs rising, it is easy to see how your insurance coverage could all behind.

Do not wait for a loss to find out you are under-protected. Take a moment and consider these questions - 1. Can your cottage be rebuilt for the amount you have it insured for (allow for demolition, dumping charges, professional assistance, blueprints, and availability of local contractors). 2. In the event of a total loss, do you have enough contents coverage to replace all of your personal belongings? Today you can get insurance for cottages that can be simple and inexpensive basic fire coverage on a depreciated value basis or very comprehensive protection at full replacement value. With so many options between these two, it is important to know what can happen and how your policy will, or will not, cover you!

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