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Snow tires Your heart pounds as your tires spin trying to get up the hill

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Every year thousands of Ontario motorists decide to forego snow tires with some common excuses – "I don't drive when it's snowing" or "I live in the City and it never gets that bad" or "I'll just drive more carefully if I got caught in a snow storm".

Do any of these sound familiar? Even with the best laid plans, motorists will occasionally get caught in snowy and icy conditions without snow tires. That is when panic sets in as they slither and slide trying to stay in control and avoid surrounding cars, transport trucks and sliding off the road.

Don't let this happen to you. For a modest investment, you can help ensure the safety of yourself and your family. They work. When one considers that the annual tire wear is then spread over 2 sets of tires, thereby doubling the tire life expectancy, it's really not even much of an expense.

With the snowy season starting, it's time to get them installed with the hope of having a safe, worry-free, winter!


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