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Strange Insurance Claims You would be surprised at what many policies cover!

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When it comes to making a claim under an insurance policy, we may have heard of people who have "stretched the truth" just a bit. Or others who have out and out lied or committed fraud.

Regardless of how strange some of the situations people get themselves into, it is often surprising to find out that they were actually insured for their loss.

Consider the following claim examples.

Travel Insurance

Two children on a beach in Cornwall, England decided that the best way to protect the family video camera while they went swimming was to bury it in the sand. It worked as far as keeping it from being stolen, but they forgot where they buried it. Their insurer, however, did cover the loss - "mysterious disappearance" under "all-risk" contents insurance (still subject to limitations, exclusions and conditions).

Auto Insurance

People do damage to their own cars every day, but very few accidentally shoot them. One insurance agent recounts a tale of a client who accidently shot his own pickup truck when he dropped his shotgun. In this case the client had comprehensive insurance that covered Other Than Collision damage, so he was covered.

Uninsured Driver

In the USA a couple had failed to secure a mattress to their SUV only to have it land in the middle of the highway and cause a three-car pile-up. The driver and passenger fled, leaving the innocent injured parties behind – in this case, uninsured driver insurance came in very handy.

Health Insurance

Health insurance when your travelling is vitally important, as one British tourist learned on a trip to Athens. Distracted by a group of women in bikinis he walked into a bus shelter and broke his nose. A strange claim to have to make, but nonetheless his hospital bills were paid for.

Wedding Insurance

For one bride her dream Caribbean wedding became a nightmare when her dress caught fire on a barbeque. Further damage was done by her new husband throwing her into the ocean to put out the flames. Fortunately they had purchased wedding insurance – although it's probably safe to say they never thought they'd have to claim for this sort of accident!

In many cases insurance claims are mundane and nothing out of the ordinary. But stories like these go to show just how much protection your policy can offer you, even in what seem like the most unlikely situations.

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