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Warning Shoppers be wary!

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While shopping in a Toronto grocery store recently our client, like most shoppers, had her purse, zipped up in her cart and with her hand just a few inches away. Distracted for only a moment while looking at greeting cards, she did not think too much about another shopper who leaned over her cart to also select a greeting card.

Upon reaching the check-out and opening her purse, to her utter shock and disbelief, her wallet, which was within the zippered purse, was missing. Left at home? In her car? No. Her wallet had been stolen from within her zipped-up purse! How could this happen?

In thinking back, the thief, while leaning over her cart reaching for a greeting card, had quickly unzipped her purse, snatched the wallet, and zipped the purse back up, all within a few seconds and it was never noticed.

Toronto Police confirmed that there are many criminals operating in this manner and innocent, unsuspecting shoppers are their primary target.

Aside from the regretful loss of cash, gift cards, and other valuables (under her home insurance deductible), the time and aggravation it will now take to cancel credit cards and replace her drivers license, health card, and the rest of her documentation, is just the height of frustration. Fortunately, the credit card companies managed to circumvent subsequent purchases the thief tried to make.

So, a word to the wise. Protect your wallets and purses at all times. Consider leaving the most precious valuables and documents within a zippered compartment inside your purse. Your day-to-day wallet, with just the necessary cash and easily replaceable credit cards, can then still be left in the main compartment.

For men, who typically rely on just a wallet, consider dividing your money/important documents into 2-3 wallets with the most important items always kept in your FRONT pants pocket (harder to pickpocket). Back pockets or those inside a suit jacket are the easiest targets for a thief. If you are robbed with threat of violence, hopefully you can reach into your back pocket or suit jacket and toss the wallet with the lesser amount of valuables at the criminal who will be anxious to disappear. This is particularly useful when traveling.

Certainly, there is no need for paranoia; just some extra security precautions will hopefully save you considerable financial loss and aggravation.


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