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What Items Can I Insure in My Home?

Now that you've become a homeowner, it's necessary to secure some type of property insurance Toronto. One question that's on your mind is how broad the coverage can be. In fact, the typical policy for a residential property covers more than you might think. Here are some examples of items that you can protect through the policy.

Basic Perils

The foundation of your property insurance focuses on core benefits that have to do with the actual house and any detached or semi-detached structures on the property. The provisions will include protection from events such as a house fire, water damage due to damaged pipes or flooding, and even a roof collapse as the result of heavy snow. Damage from wind, hail, and other types of weather conditions can also be part of this core coverage.

You'll also find that the plan is likely to include benefits that kick in should you be the victim of vandalism. Should someone break out all the windows and scrawl graffiti on an interior or exterior wall, the provisions in your plan will provide the funds needed to undo the damage.

Monetary Collections

If you happen to be an avid coin collector or own a collection of paper currency, it's possible to include protections for these items. In the event that a coin is lost or stolen, the policy would provide compensation that's in line with the amount of protection specified in the policy terms and conditions.

Books and Manuscripts

If you happen to collect books or own a number of manuscripts, they can also be covered under the terms of your policy. A property insurance broker can help you determine the fair market value of the collection, usually with the help of an appraiser. That allows you to come up with a figure that is reasonable and provides adequate coverage in the event the books or manuscripts are damaged or stolen.

Clothing and Other Personal Items

Your personal items can also be included in the scope of coverage. Items such as jewellry, watches, leather jackets, furs, and other high-ticket items are part of this category. Should you lose everything in a fire or any type of natural disaster, the inventory of your personal items can be utilised to prepare a claim and secure the funds needed to replace the essentials plus a little more.


Most property insurance companies include provisions that have to do with your home furnishings. This includes any vintage or antique pieces that you keep in your home. Should your furnishings be stolen or damaged due to a natural disaster or some type of illegal entry, there will be funds to help provide reasonable replacements.

There are other items that you can include in the terms and conditions of your home insurance policy. Talk with an agent or broker today and learn more about what is included in the basic coverage and what items can be added. Doing so will provide more peace of mind and allow you to be prepared for whatever type of event may happen.

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