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Why do YOU need Travel Insurance?

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Whether you are heading to Buffalo for a few hours of shopping, or taking off for the 6 month trip of a lifetime, you need to travel protected from unforeseen medical situations!

Why do people need travel insurance?

Who would have thought a volcano in Iceland would snarl air traffic around the world?

Flight cancellations, especially those attributed to "acts of God" can leave travellers at the mercy of airlines that are in a perpetual state of cutting back. Travel insurance takes the guess work out of "what happens next?" when flights are cancelled or luggage is lost. Travellers with travel insurance know before they leave that they have a "Plan B".

Cancelled flights or lost baggage aren't the only pitfalls travellers may face. Requiring medical attention while away from home is always stressful, and can be extraordinarily costly.

Heading to Arizona for a week of golf, John from Calgary was thinking about nothing other than sand traps and his short game. Midway through his vacation, a heart attack brought everything to a screeching halt. Emergency medical care and three weeks in the hospital saved his life … and left him with a hospital bill totalling $1.2 million!

The cost of medical treatment in the United States has been international news for months, as President Obama tried to hammer out a health care reform bill with Congress and the Senate. Although the bill passed, with numerous compromises, medical costs in the U.S. remain stratospheric.

Gerald from Windsor learned that when he went to Ann Arbor, Michigan for a weekend of fun. He and some friends were tubing on a river when Gerald scratched his foot on a rock. Being 25 years old, the slight pain didn't cause him a moment's pause.

Until that night when he could hardly walk on his injured foot. The cut had become infected. Grudgingly, Gerald allowed his fiancé to talk him into visiting a nearby emergency room. He stayed the night, received some anti-biotics and was released the following day with his foot on the mend … and with a $6,000 hospital bill in hand.

"I was shocked," Gerald said when asked about his reaction to the cost of his treatment, "but I was covered for medical treatment because I'd booked my trip on my credit card." Or, so he thought.

That's when Gerald learned the difference between travel accident insurance and travel medical insurance.

Credit card companies – for the most part – offer something called travel accident insurance. This means they provide a predetermined lump sum in the event of a specific injury, or death, as a result of an accident while travelling.

Which meant, in Gerald's case: "I was on the hook for $5,000 of the $6,000 hospital bill!"

Nobody expects to become ill or injured while on vacation, but the sobering costs of care has made travel medical insurance a necessity.

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