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Do you have at least 10 years claims-free driving experience with no more than one conviction in the past 3 years? Are you a conscientious home owner with no claims in the past 10 years? If so, you may be paying for the bad driving habits and poor home maintenance of others!

Now get guaranteed savings and superb insurance protection when you combine your automobile and homeowners insurance into one simple package. Owners of well-maintained homes and safe, responsible drivers deserve the lowest possible premiums.

Enjoy the greatest savings and the finest protection by combining your home(s), car(s), valuables, cottage, boats, and toys, into one cost-efficient insurance plan.

For those discerning clients who know about insurance and appreciate the importance of relying on experienced professionals, we offer highly competitive multi-policy packages and account management services with personalized attention and consultation.

Our value-added package programs and private client services offer you competitive premiums, exceptional coverage, and the knowledge and advice necessary to help ensure the long-term financial security of you and your family.

Let us help you arrange insurance that is effective and affordable.

You can purchase home and automobile insurance just about anywhere these days but… Do you really know what you are insured for? Or, what happens to your premium or renewal when you do have a claim, accident, or a ticket? What happens when you really need your policy?

Whether you're insuring the family bungalow and sedan or a mansion and exotic luxury cars, you will appreciate our experience, our thoughtful advice, and common sense approach. Annual premium costs are certainly important but not at the risk of an uninsured loss or extreme premium consequences in the event of an accident, ticket, or other rating factor, which can result in much higher long-term costs.

Along with highly competitive premiums, at we will help you understand and arrange the best auto/home insurance and the options available. The future is unpredictable and even the most conscientious homeowners and drivers can have a claim or a ticket. The best way of keeping your present and future insurance costs at a minimum is by arranging a policy that provides the most suitable coverage and the most reasonable rating flexibility in the event of a claim, ticket, or other factor, combined with diligent claims and loss management.

Let the pros put together best combination of insurance protection and premium savings today.

WHY package your ontario home &
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Get Maximum Premium Savings on both your Automobile and Home Insurance.

One RIBO licensed, bonded, professional advisor and brokerage responsible for making sure you are looked after.

We are right here in your community with no “stop watch” service from distant call-centres or do-it-yourself service – Our time is yours – fast, helpful and efficient

Reduce or eliminate potential gaps in your coverage.

Suffer a loss? We’re on your side and our claims advice will help keep future premiums in check.

One bill. One payment. One annual renewal date. Talk about convenient

Representing Canada’s leading insurance companies allows us to recommend the most suitable insurance protection for you and your family.

Get rid of overlapping or redundant coverage.

Superb coverage with unique discounts tailored to your specific auto & home insurance situation.

You will understand the risks you face and how to reduce these risks and related insurance costs.

As Brokers we are accountable to you, not agents or employees working for the Insurance Company.

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