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You can purchase automobile insurance just about anywhere these days but…Do you really know what you are insured for? Or, what happens to your premium or renewal when you do have an accident, claim, or a ticket? What happens when you really need your policy?

Whether you're insuring your family sedan or an exotic luxury car, you will appreciate our experience, our thoughtful advice, and common sense approach. Annual premium costs are certainly important but not at the risk of an uninsured loss or extreme premium consequences in the event of an accident, ticket, or other rating factor, which can result in much higher long-term costs.

Along with highly competitive premiums, at Guthrie Insurance, we will help you understand your automobile insurance and the options available. The future is unpredictable and even the very best drivers can have an accident or ticket. The best way of keeping your present and future insurance costs at a minimum is by arranging a policy that provides the most suitable coverage and the most reasonable rating flexibility in the event of a claim, ticket, or other factor, combined with diligent claims and loss management.

You will enjoy maximum savings if drivers are 3 years without a ticket and 6 years without a claim. A mishap or a couple of minor tickets on your record? Nobody is perfect. Let us help you arrange insurance that is effective and affordable.

Why Get Your Car Insurance from Us?

Greater savings with personalized, unique Individualized Rating Plans

Representing Canada’s leading insurance companies assures fair premiums and the protection you need

No “stop watch” call-centres or do-it-yourself service here. Our time is yours – fast and efficient

We will help you understand the risks involved with driving and help reduce these risks and related insurance costs

As Brokers we are accountable to you, not agents or employees working for an Insurance Company

What our clients say about us

Guthrie Insurance Brokers is the company you can really trust! They won't take a fortune from you in order to insure your car or home. Reasonable prices, cool staff, great guys to deal with. What more should you expect? I do appreciate the service and the guarantees.

Nick S.

Highly recommend! They helped me with insurance of my house car and my business. Good and flexible priced. all in one solution

Bastien B

This is a quick note to thank you for the stellar service you and your staff have provided us over the years. Even when times got a bit rough as happened when we had the flooding in our home, you helped us with all aspects of our insurance claim. More recently, one of your staff helped us save over $2,000 on our car insurance renewals. After we had already signed and confirmed with our existing insurer, she subsequently found a better deal for us. Notwithstanding all the additional paperwork that she had to fill out, she happily brought the better deal to us! Keep up the great work!

S & D – Toronto

I have been with your firm for many years and the service has always been good. However, I would like to say that my representative raises the bar. She is intelligent, courteous, thorough and prompt. In short, she is a consummate professional and a valuable asset to your firm.

JH – Toronto

Just thought I would send you an email and let you know that your representative has been absolutely amazing. Her response and attention to detail have been extremely helpful. I have also given her the “go ahead” to move my Home and Auto insurance which come due in February. In the customer service business, it’s always nice to let people know how others have performed as most of the time the feedback is negative. Thanks for the recommendation! Have a great day!

AM – Toronto

I am writing to say what consistently excellent advice we have been given over the years from our Client Service Advisor. We really appreciate the balanced help we have been given for us, our family, and my mother.

Sincerely, CDM, Toronto

Our client advisor has provided us with such amazing support and service that I had to write you. She is extremely knowledgeable and always takes the time to explain what she is doing, what is happening and what options she has explored that have led to her recommendations. She has been proactive in identifying areas of potential risk through all of our moves and changes and she has been relentless in finding insurance solutions that have met our unique needs. It would be an understatement to say that she went “above and beyond” because with every roadblock that we encountered, and there were many, she spent the time, made the calls and found us an acceptable option. She responds to any of our questions with care and timeliness. Her sense of humour and consummate professionalism is evident in every call and email. She is such a pleasure to deal with and she has taken the pain out of insurance matters.

JD and DT, Toronto

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